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Choose from five lines of reports, depending on your needs:


  1. LONG FORM COMMERCIAL and LONG FORM FLAT RATE COMMERCIAL: Forms for specific coverage(s), and a good in-depth narrative to expand on important areas. Hourly is for larger risks.

  2. LIMITED FLAT RATE REPORT: A good description of risk with flat fee pricing. This report is check form / narrative. (restricted to individual buildings up to 7,500 sq. feet - Larger risks will be converted to LONG format). Available In Texas only.

  3. HIGH VALUE RESIDENCE:  Full length check form and narrative on home, including interior visual check, photos with interview if possible.  A full replacement cost analysis is included.

  4. STANDARD DWELLING:  Check form and ACV/RC if ordered.  Exterior check only.

  5. PHOTO(S) ONLY: 2-4 exterior photos of property.



Our reports give you the needed technical content.  They are also designed as "easy-read" forms, so they will be easily interpreted by your staff.


*High values get interior/exterior photos (6) and full valuation diagram








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